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Fair Play For Children
Promoting the Child's Right to Play since 1973 in the UK and Worldwide according to the Convention on the Rights of the Child
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" Fair Play gives excellent support around Play-work issues offering leaflets and policy documents as well as up to date news and information. Ideal for any organisation offering play activities with children. "


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There are ways you can help Fair Play for Children

....  even from the comfort of your own Home!


We're not looking for huge amounts of time with a lot of our work, we want to encourage people to give of the time and skills they have.

At present we have no staff at all, every thing you see is done by volunteers, including the National Secretary.   Read the opportunities below .... and don't be shy to suggest ways you think you could help!

We've set up a short online questionnaire which you are asked to complete and return.   We will then get back in touch with you to discuss your kind offer of help.



    Add PlayAction Stories to our daily news service -

time needed  ....  about 15 minutes daily.  

This is a unique service, nothing else like it anywhere.   Stories about childhood, play, rights, child labour etc from around the world.    Problem - we have a backlog of stories, we need daily help.    You will need a computer with an internet connection, that's all.   We will tell you how to access our story upload and how to do it, also a weekly supply of links to stories (25-30) and ask you to upload 5 a day.   Once you've got the hang of it, we think that would ake 15 minutes a day, any time day or night!   It's so simple yet it will increase our coverage hugely if we have some extra bods!   Also, we want stories from your local media about Play, about childcare, about adults not considering children etc.   This is 'as and when', it means scouring the net for your local area press and sending us links.


Form a local Fair Play Committee to campaign for the Child's Right to Play in your area

This will involve recruiting friends, neighbours etc to become part of a local group carrying out our aims in your area.   This could involve e.g. campaigning to save/improve play facilities and activities, getting local councillors more "on board" about Play and arguing for better provision and a fair share of local spending.  This will also involve youth facilities.   It could also mean press campaigns, write-ins, petitions, exhibitions and other promotional activities.   It might also involve working with local schools about the Right to Play - space, having enough time in the day, the value of unstructured play in the school day.  Maybe raise funds for local play and to help our work.  Such work could lead to new activities with the local Fair Play Group 'spinning off' new ventures.  Another campaign aim - free up residential streets for daily play through simple traffic calming measures, setting specific periods for car-free (including parked) areas, mainly after-school and weekends.



   Fair Play Network Coordinator

This requires some knowledge of children's play, a willingness to travel to meet local play and childcare groups, and to encourage sharing of knowledge, skills, ideas and issues.   We will cover travel expenses, phone costs etc.  It can be someone working from home or an organisation can volunteer to take on this role - the area covered by a Coordinator will depend on them.  We would hope that each one would organise at least one network event each year to attract local groups - we will help with speakers etc, and cost of venue hire.  DBS (CRB) check will be sought as work will bring you into contact with children.


  We need Policy Advisors

This network meets by Telephone Conference, e-mail and very occasional meetings.  Its task is provide an overview on Fair Play's policy direction, to advise the Management Council and to undertake detailed analysis on play-related issues.

What do I do Next?

Just click HERE to go to our OnLine Questionnaire, complete it, then SEND it ....  and we will get in touch, either by phone and/or email.

Thanks for thinking about volunteering with Fair Play for Children.               Enquiries:  Please Contact General number/email below.