Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

Developed by Colossal Order, Cities: Skylines offers sprawling landscapes and maps with endless sandbox gameplay and new ways to expand your city.

Building a REALISTIC Big Box Retail Store in Cities Skylines | Clearwater County 59

Building a REALISTIC Big Box Retail Store in Cities Skylines | Clearwater County 59

Hello everyone and welcome back to Clearwater County! It’s hard to get groceries in Van Buren and the developers have begun to take notice! A developer has been scoping out locations for both a Target and a Costco. At the same time, Whole Foods has been seeking out opportunities for infill. In this episode, we’ll begin the being the big box mall by building a completely custom Costco with gas station. In addition, we’ll infill a whole foods near Superior State University. Enjoy!

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*** Chapters ***
Intro –0:00
Parking Lot Design – 2:18
Gas Station Layout – 9:29
Utilities and Stormwater – 14:25
Landscaping and Lights – 17:10
Signals and Road Upgrades – 23:48
Whole Foods is HOT – 24:33
Building Spawn Points – 30:10
City Tour – 32:16
Finishing Touches – 32:40

INDUSTRIE AGRAR [NEXT LEVEL] | Cities Skylines DLC City 83 | 4k/60FPS

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Realistic Population Growth in Cities: Skylines – Coniferia EP16

We’re building new massive apartment complexes and row houses to grow the population by more than 10 % in total – but we’re actually primarily just copy-pasting already existing builds to facilitate this growth!
Lately, the Region of Coniferia has been expanded with tons of important stuff lately: Train/railway network, commuter rail, first bus depot, hub and line – but while all these pieces of infrastructure and public transport are important additions, the region is facing a demographic issue!
Even though the population has sort of stabilized at around 9000 inhabitants, more than 40 % of the region’s population is classified as seniors! So we need to build lots more housing to accommodate the need for more labour, as there are tons of non-occupied jobs in the region – and the massive group of seniors is bound to invoke large-scale population loss moving forward. In this episode, we’re employing one easy way to quickly grow a city’s population: expanding existing apartment complexes with some frisky copy-pasting! We’re also making sure to expand the currently quite small bus network, by creating a brand new line running through the western part of Pine Harbour and all the way to the sleepy suburb of Danton!

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0:00 Intro City Cinematics
1:40 City Council Votes and description of Episode
5:05 Starting expansion of Tagfield with a big medium-density residential complex and additional single-family houses
9:51 Going through what we have built so far and how it is affecting the statistics of Tagfield
13:31 Starting expansion of existing apartment and row-house complexes in Washington Park
16:14 Going through what we have built so far and how it is affecting the statistics of Washington Park
19:42 Creation of new bus route/line – connecting Downtown Pine Harbour with Washington Park and Danton
25:16 Detailing of the new bus line
26:36 Going through the new bus line
30:23 Final Cinematics of the newly developed residential areas and the bus line!

– What’s the rationale behind this project:
What happens if a washed-up-used-to-be-YouTuber gathers a bunch of “generic” looking assets (though mostly inspired by Australian / Canadian cityscapes) with the hopes of creating a Cities: Skylines region full of towns and cities that both look realistic and are inspired by Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA, while at the same time don’t really replicate any one particular style? No idea, let’s find out.

Join me in this Cities: Skylines modded gameplay / let’s play / timelapse series as we expand the region, and build new infrastructure, highways, public transit, industrial pockets, NIMBY-neighbourhoods, sprawling suburbs and bustling downtowns. And of course, use tress excessively to cover up any imperfections!

Q & A:
Do you have a MOD/Asset list?
– Not at this point in time.

Which map is this?
– Anahita Pass by Owl – although slightly modified

Which Theme and LUT are you using?
– Theme is Los Angeles by OWL, slightly mixed with Grass and Pavement textures from the NotSoRocky Hills theme by Khanador. LUT is Coastal by Ronyx69.

How do you place residential buildings so fast in suburbs/neighbourhoods?
– I use a tag-based trick with the Find It mod, I’ve made a tutorial here:

Which visual MODS do you use?
– Here’s the full list of enabled visual mods (I don’t know if some of these cancel out others): Relight, Render IT!, Ultimate Level of Detail, Clouds & Fog Toggler, Daylight Classic, Adaptive Prop Visibility Distance, Softer Shadows, Ultimate Eyecandy, ShadowStrengthAdjuster, Sharp Textures, Sun Shafts, AD Cloud Enabler, Shadow Distance Fix, 8K AD Clouds Pack 01.

Which graphic settings does your game run?
– Everything is set to high, 1440p resolution.

Hardware specs?
– 3080, 32 GB ram, I5-12600KF.

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Laying the Foundation – Cities Skylines: Global Collaboration 2022

The Global Collaboration project is a project in which a number of creators build a city on a single save game. A creator, myself, gets a week to work on the city, then pass it on to the next person. That person works on a portion on the city for a week, then passes it on to the next person. So on and so forth.

For my contribution, I take the time to carve out the canvas on which the artists to follow will paint out a master peice! In the last Global Collaboration, we weren’t able to fill out the entire map. So to remedy this, the plan is to have a map that looks visually big, but has minimum buildable area in an effort to provide the builders to follow the chance to build out a city that can visually fill the map. This is a tropical map with lots of beaches. We will be aiming to build a nice city that is quite walkable to take advantage of the new Plazas and Promenades DLC.

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St-Vicente – Barney Bartnick
Vibrancy – Barney Bartnick
Bergen in the morning – Barney Bartnick
Coriphone – Barney Bartnick
Three graces – Barney Bartnick
Velvet – Barney Bartnick

00:00 Landscape terraforming
07:23 High-level foliage placement
08:35 Creating the beaches
11:30 Road networks
23:00 Ship and plane networks
23:13 Rail networks
27:33 Complete map tour
32:00 Power station
34:56 Water treatment plant
37:13 End cinematics

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