For Honor Season 3 Includes New Highlander And Gladiator Heroes; Here’s When It Starts

For Honor Season 3 Includes New Highlander And Gladiator Heroes; Here’s When It Starts

Season 3, Grudge & Glory, is the biggest one so far and will add new heroes, maps, and more.

Heroes in History: Highlander

[NOTE: Normally I open the video with the trailer of the hero…but for some reason, the good folks at Ubisoft decided to COPYRIGHT their trailer, and I wouldn’t get monetized for showing it. Yeah…yeah, for real. What’s your deal Ubi? This is literally the 3rd time I’ve had to try uploading it.]

The Highlander is one of my favorite heroes in For Honor and easily one of my favorite Vikings based on weapon and appearance alone. I just wish I were better at playing him. Good thing I have all of these stock images to cover up how bad I am as Highlander. XD
I hope ya’ll enjoy this historical video finished WAY later than I planned, about the Highlander and his contribution to history as the Gallowglass. You might just learn something. And to all of you about to come down on me about the “accuracy of the claymore vs the sword Highlander uses” please know that I did EXHAUSTIVE research to find the truth, and the matter is still topic of debate among historians. What is known is that the word claymore translates to large or great sword, and whether or not it initially referred to the basket hilted swords of Scotland or the large long swords is still debated. What I also know is that the great sword Highlander uses IS still too long to be an average claymore, so I will agree with that.

Also, note: that orochi in the meme video? One of the biggest light spammers I’ve ever fought. His entire strategy revolved around hitting with a light spam and then rolling away before I could hit him. It was so painful. Enter the arena and fight to the death! Play Zombs Royale.

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For Honor Season 3: Highlander Overview, Gear, Emotes, Executions, Gameplay!

The curtain is pulled back! I can finally show you guys actual gameplay footage for Highlander and Gladiator. More videos to come soon! Enjoy!



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Highlander Beyblade is the Newest S Tier Strategy �� HE’S UNTOUCHABLE NOW!!! [For Honor]

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I played highlander so you dont have to – For Honor

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0:00 intro
0:46 Berserk weapon
1:08 Why nobody plays him
2:06 Highlander tips and tricks
3:10 HL Montage
4:24 Highlanders only offense
6:16 New dodge bash animation
8:36 My highlander rework
12:19 Fashion
14:20 Ending

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